Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
and other areas of ocean pollution


Renderings by Breeze 

Gaia First is partnering with RINA and BREEZE to identify and optimize technologies and ship design, in order to create a ship that will collect ocean garbage and convert it into Hydrogen energy through a system of gasification. This hydrogen will then be used to fuel both the boat and the system itself.  This virtually means a floating, self-fueling ocean cleaning factory. 


Gianni Valenti, Gaia First President,
presenting our solution at a TEDx
conference in Münster, Sept. 2021


Renderings by Breeze

Converting Waste into Energy

The Gaia First  "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" (GPGP) project includes a sustainable

and green recycling system:

Gaia First boat gasification ocean cleaning great pacific garbage patch

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Waste to energy GAIA FIRST
  • 2 boats equipped with a gasification system

  • 5 years

  • 90% of the continent of plastic converted into GREEN ENERGY and RECYCLED

  • Hydrogen energy created from waste

  • Self-sustaining system: Self-powered boats and gasificators

© Dennada

Our goals




Restoring the balance of the marine ecosystem: Our goal is to save marine animals and plants, but also to protect the oceans and seas from any type of pollution. In the event of environmental crises such as oil spills, Gaia First's boats will provide assistance.

Renew waste to energy: The gasification system is not only a perfect recycling process, it is a power creating tool. Gasificators could and should be used as both a full recycling system, and a power source system everywhere in the world.

Revive phytoplankton: The GPGP project is much more than the clean up of the ocean. By collecting the garbage, Gaia First aims at protecting the phytoplankton which plays a main role in the CO2 absorption and creation of Oxygen. Our project also fights Climate Change.