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The headquarters - Paris, France

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Gianni Valenti

Founder & President

Paris, France


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Johanna Auguin

International Operations & Strategy

Public Relations

Paris, France

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Fundraisers - Spain

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Nikoleta Migdalias

Country Operations Manager 

Paris, France


Jorge Iñiguez

Fundraiser, Spain

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Carlos P. Gey

Fundraiser, Spain

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Fundraisers - France

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Benoit Corbin

Fundraiser, France & USA

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Badreddine El Maroudi

Fundraiser, France

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Country Operations Managers

Italy - Algeria

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Maurizio Oliva

Country Operations Manager, Milan, Italy

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Lina Benchalel

Country Operations Manager, Annaba, Algeria

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Country Operations Manager


Antonis Drosopoulos

Country Operations Manager,

Kavala, Greece

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