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What Do I Need to Bring to a Clean Up Event? (10 Things Not to Forget)

Participating in a clean-up event requires some preparation to ensure that you have everything you need. Here are 10 things you should not forget to bring:

1. Sturdy gloves - the essential clean up item, this will protect your hands from any sharp objects or dirty waste you could come into contact with.

2. Sunscreen and a hat - if it’s a warm day, we advise bringing some sort of sun protection, especially if the clean up is taking place in an open area without shade, such as a beach.

3. Closed-toe shoes - very important to keep your feet safe when cleaning up, flip flops are not the ideal footwear so aim for trainers or at least some closed toe hiking sandals.

4. Long pants - our advice is to protect yourself from the sun and, depending on where the clean up is taking place, anything else that could brush against your legs. This can also protect from any pesky insect bites!

5. Water and snacks - the key to a great clean-up is staying hydrated and fuelled, especially if it's a hot day. Once the clean-up is finished, many volunteers stay and share a picnic.

6. Trash bags and a litter grabber - well, we need something to put all the trash in! It’s great if you can bring a few bags from home, ideally not too thin so they don’t break. A litter grabber is a good idea if you have one, if not then thick gloves can work too. Our team can provide all this equipment for you if you don't have it!

7. A first aid kit - just incase of any accidents, which are very rare, but it’s always good to have some plasters on hand or antiseptic spray for cuts.

8. Insect repellent - like the long pants, this will keep you protected from bites, often clean-ups take place in areas near water so this can attract mosquitos.

9. Hand sanitizer - for after and during the clean up, you need to make sure to stay clean throughout and your hygiene and safety comes first.

10. A positive attitude! The most important thing of all is to be positive! A cleanup is a great event, and be prepared to meet new, like minded people and have a fulfilling day, you’ll leave feeling so proud of yourself and like you have really made a difference.

We hope this has helped you to prepare for your clean-up and we can’t wait to see you at our next #worldwidecleanup.

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