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Reconnecting people with the ocean

The ocean is at the heart of environmental issues, accounting for 70% of the Earth's surface. To protect the ocean, we need to understand it, which is why Gaia First pays particular attention to raising awareness.

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Our Actions


We organize simultaneous cleanups every two months around the world to raise awareness about pollution issues.


Everyone can participate!


We also organize company cleanups with a positive environmental impact and team spirit strengthening.

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In 2023, we were the official partner of Hubert Reeves' documentary "L'océan vu du cœur", highlighting the regenerative capacity of the Ocean, but also the threats it faces.

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Scholarship for disadvantaged coastal communities: We plan to fund a $500,000 scholarship program for disadvantaged coastal communities. This program will enable research and development in the field of ocean depollution.

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Butt for butts ashtrays are available from retailers to encourage people to dispose of their butts in an ashtray, for a cleaner, less polluted city.

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