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Partner with Gaia First

Fish flock

Gaia First is renowned for its impactful collaborations, extensive global reach, and significant achievements in raising environmental awareness and actual ecological restoration. As an accredited NGO, we are recognized by esteemed entities such as the Clean Seas Alliance, GPML under UNEP, and the European Commission. This acknowledgment underscores our dedication and reliable commitment to safeguarding the environment.

With operational bases in Mumbai, Paris, and Miami, along with a dedicated volunteer network spanning over 20 countries, our influence is both broad and deeply transformative. Our core missions focus on the vital protection and restoration of biodiversity, the elimination of plastic pollution, and the enhancement of ecological consciousness worldwide.

We are at the forefront of establishing marine sanctuaries and privatizing extensive coastal regions for conservation, working alongside distinguished experts. Our initiatives are designed to foster engagement and enrich education, notably through awarding scholarships to underprivileged coastal communities, thereby reigniting their connection with the ocean.

Our commitment extends to supporting avant-garde depollution industrial systems, adopting revolutionary strategies to combat marine pollution effectively. We have set ambitious targets for waste collection and treatment, aiming to make substantial environmental improvements.

We invite your organization to collaborate with Gaia First, lending your unique strengths to our cause. Together, we can amplify our impact, innovate sustainably, and inspire a global movement towards environmental stewardship. Join us in our mission to create a thriving, sustainable future for our planet.

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