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Gaia First x Oikos Mediterraneo

Gaia First is collaborating with the NGO Oïkos Mediterraneo and the Pontificia Università Antonianum, to promote integral ecology and strengthen environmental preservation initiatives in the Mediterranean and beyond. This unique collaboration allows us to combine our efforts for a more sustainable future that respects the planet.

First Summer University in Taranto, Italy

This enriching cooperation was born from a common desire to raise public awareness of environmental issues, strengthen scientific research and promote innovative projects in integral ecology. 

Our partners engage in the organization of research projects, conferences and collaborate on various academic and cultural programs. Through the Pontifical University of Saint Anthony, which is engaged in international research activity through nine affiliated institutes in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Zambia, we seek to discover new academic perspectives. 

Our mission is to build a sustainable and inclusive future, where everyone plays a role in preserving our environment. This promising union marks a crucial step in the fight to protect our planet, illustrating how collaboration between different entities can generate a significant positive impact on the global ecology.

First Summer University in Taranto, Italy

From July 25 to 31, 2024, Oïkos is organizing a summer training course, bringing together around fifty students and scientists. The central theme will be "Between land and sea, let's change the present", offering a unique opportunity to explore new ecological perspectives around topics such as the legal protection of the oceans, environmental diplomacy, and the creation of new languages ​​to express our relationship with the planet.

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Gaia First, Oïkos Mediterraneo and the Pontifical University of Saint-Antoine unite for an integral ecology, putting forward a global and local vision of the preservation of our planet.

The collaboration intends to expand institutional partnerships by participating in advisory committees to improve research results and identify new academic perspectives. It also supports the third mission of higher education, which includes community engagement and the dissemination of knowledge beyond the traditional academic setting. 

For more information, visit the Oïkos Mediterraneo website.

About Oikos Mediterrano

Founded in 2020 in Taranto, Italy, Oïkos Mediterraneo is an association dedicated to integral ecology. His name, meaning “house” in Greek, reflects his commitment to protecting our “common home.” Oïkos is active in Italy, France (Nice), Egypt, Lebanon, Albania, Spain and Morocco.


The association works for the preservation of the Mediterranean and organizes various initiatives to raise awareness and educate local and international communities on environmental issues.

Integral ecology, supported by Oïkos, approaches ecology in a global manner by integrating political, economic, social and cultural dimensions. Inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si'", it aims to adapt changes to each local context, considering the environment as a whole of which humanity is a part. 

Integral ecology highlights the need to rethink our relationship with nature, not just as a resource, but as an integral part of our existence. It also offers a critical analysis of current environmental policies and suggests educational measures to raise awareness among younger generations.

What is
Integral Ecology? 

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