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Gaia First is an international non-profit environmental organization based in Paris (France), Mumbai (India) and Miami (USA). We are accredited by the Clean Seas Alliance and the GPML (Global Partnership on Marine Litter) within the framework of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as well as by the European Commission.

Gaia First is supported by a network of dedicated volunteers in over 20 countries, each contributing to our shared vision of a cleaner, healthier planet. Our aim is to protect biodiversity and eradicate plastic pollution from the oceans and territorial waters, while bringing people together and raising awareness.

Sea Turtle

Our mission

Gaia First is not just an advocate for environmental sustainability; we are agents of change. We regularly organize clean-up events around the world, taking concrete steps to reduce marine pollution and restore vital marine ecosystems. We act directly on the privatization of coastlines to ensure their preservation and reserve effect. In addition, Gaia First supports academic research into new technologies for eradicating pollution, particularly plastic, as well as the development of industrial structures for cleaning up seas and coasts.

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Our Team

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