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Why supporting Gaia First? 

Image by redcharlie

Gaia First stands out due to its strategic collaborations, significant global presence, and substantial impact in both awareness and tangible environmental restoration.


Gaia First is an accredited NGO​​​ recognized by the Clean Seas Alliance, GPML under UNEP, and the European Commission, ensuring credibility and a strong commitment to environmental causes.

A Global Presence with bases in Mumbai, Paris, and Miami, and a volunteer network in over 20 countries, they have a widespread impact.


Our missions are dedicated to biodiversity protection and restoration eradicating plastic pollution, and raising awareness. We collaborate with renowned experts to establish marine sanctuaries, privatizing vast coastal areas for conservation.

We promote engagement and education by reconnecting people with the ocean with the awarding of scholarships to disadvantaged coastal communities.


We support innovative depollution industrial systems utilizing groundbreaking methods to tackle marine pollution, with substantial goals for waste collection and treatment.

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