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Preserving Biodiversity

In order to preserve marine biodiversity, Gaia First is planning to set aside plots of land for offshore wind farms.

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Why offshore wind farms?

Offshore wind farms represent clearly demarcated areas that can be an asset in terms of protection. The aim of sanctuarization is to protect part of the surface area of offshore wind farms. This will enable the return of marine biodiversity, which can then be extended beyond the delimited zone, giving fishermen access to a larger restored resource.

This return of biodiversity will result from what is known as the artificial reef effect. Belgian studies looking back ten years have shown that the artificial reef effect of wind farms has been verified and offers an increase in biomass, at least for fixed species. The latter would attract other species, reaching the different levels of the food chain and even extending to top predators, as demonstrated by some satellite monitoring.

With the privatization of these areas, where sanctuary is imposed, a reserve effect can be added. In this case, there may be an effective renewal of species whose biomass increases at the edge of the parks.

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How to contribute?

To implement this project, we need the support of key players such as local authorities, park managers and fishermen and fishermen's associations, who are at the heart of the issues.

If you wish to find out more  or to get involved in this project. Please let us know.

Are you an individual or a company wishing to support us?

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