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Innovative environmental stewardship

Ocean pollution is a veritable scourge, destroying biodiversity and subsequently impacting the human race. Combating marine pollution is one of our missions. For the moment, innovative methods are at the trial stage.

Ocean Waste to Energy

Our aim at Gaia First is to support research into innovative methods for cleaning up the oceans. We plan to partner with industry to fund ocean and land clean-ups.

The “OCEAN WASTE 2 ENERGY” project includes the use of a green and sustainable recycling system.

Our goal is to collect 45,000 tons of floating waste in the ocean and 400,000 tons of waste on land.

The Objectives


Restore the balance of the marine ecosystem

Our goal is to save marine animals and plants, but also to protect the oceans and seas from all types of pollution. In the event of environmental crises such as oil spills, Gaia First boats will provide assistance.


Transforming waste into energy

The gasification system is not only a perfect recycling process, it is an energy creation tool. Gasifiers could and should be used as both a complete recycling system and a power generation system all over the world.


Bringing phytoplankton back to life

The “Ocean Waste 2 Energy” project is much more than just cleaning up the ocean. By collecting waste, Gaia First aims to protect phytoplankton which plays an essential role in absorbing CO2 and creating oxygen. Our project also fights against global warming.

How Garbage Fuels Ocean CLeaning

Gianni Valenti,  Gianni Valenti, Président & Founder presents our solution at a TEDx conference in Münster in September 2021

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