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2022 UN Ocean Conference - Official Side Events

Event ID OBZB8

GAIA FIRST and the importance of tackling high seas plastic pollution

Monday 27th June
18.30 - 19.15
Lisbon time

In person and on-line

Addressing Marine Pollution

This side event will highlight how high seas plastic pollution effects biodiversity, climate control and C-capture; and how Gaia First is piloting a large-scale ocean waste to energy cleaning operation, turning this problem into a green energy opportunity

List of speakers & event agenda

Luís PEAZE              -        Journalist


Inès BOUJMIL       -        BlueMed Ambassador in Tunisia, ECOP, Fisheries & Environmental Engineer at INSTM

Gianni VALENTI   -       President and Founder of GAIA FIRST

The event will be structured in 3 parts. 


The first part, will be led by Ines Boujmil.

Ines will talk about the difference between coastal plastic pollution (essentially packaging) and high seas plastic pollution (46% discarded fishing gear) and the consequences this has on sea life.

Then the focus will be placed on garbage patches (number, size and location) with its hindering effect on ocean's ability to regulate temperatures/climate control and how surface waste blocks the valuable "carbon-sink" action of the  Phytoplankton.


The second part will be led by Gianni Valenti presenting Gaia First and the ocean waste to energy cleaning operation.

Gianni will explain the action, volumes, environmental returns and economic returns. 

A focus on the current status of the project, technical partners and the funds needed to advance will be made.


The final part will be an open question and answer part, where Luis will mediate the questions the public might have. In case you already have some questions, please send them in upon registration.

The total length of the event will be 45-60 minutes.

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